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Turner, Peter


Peter Turner, the son of Gilbert and Hannah (Brewster) Turner, may with justice be numbered among the most enterprising and capable of the business men of the township of Monroe. He was a native of Putnam Co., N.Y., and was born March 14, 1794. The Turner family removed to Monroe in 1808, and Peter during his early life engaged in farming pursuits. His ambitious spirit prompted him to seek a wider field of usefulness than was at the time presented on the farm, and on the projection of the Erie Railroad he discerned in the location known as Turner’s a point destined to grow in importance with the completion of the thoroughfare: He immediately erected a hotel, purchased the mill- property, and made other improvements, which caused the station of Turner’s to become an influential centre of business. Its convenient distance from New York rendered it popular as a place of refreshment for railroad travelers, and Mr. Turner speedily became one of the most popular caterers on the Erie Railroad. He was married Nov. 16, 1816, to Miss Mary Ann, daughter of James Galloway, and was the father of four sons,— Charles, James G., and Gilbert, who reside in Monroe and Theron S., whose residence is Cornwall- on- the- Hudson. Mr. Turner was a second time married November, 1866, to Mrs. Lavinia Wiley, who survive him.

In politics Mr. Turner was a stanch Republican Being absorbed with his daily avocations, he found little inclination for the engrossing demands of public life, and was indifferent to official honors. In all business relations he enjoyed a reputation for energy sagacity, and strict integrity. Mr. Turner, though not connected with any religious denomination, was a liberal supporter of the gospel, and. contributed equally to the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches of the township during his lifetime. His career was a marked example of the success which arises from humble beginnings, and is the result of ceaseless toil combined with sound business principles. The death of Mr. Turner occurred Oct. 16, 1875, at his residence in Turner’s village. is a genealogy site compiled of biographies from old county history books, user contributions and other sources. Compilation, design, artwork and concept covered by copyright. Copyright ©2013, All rights reserved. Contact me.  Privacy Policy.