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Bull, Horace


William Bull, the great-grandfather of Horace Bull, was an early settler of Hamptonburgh. Among his children was Thomas, who married and became the father of Daniel, whose birth occurred in 1761. He was a man of much integrity and force of character, and wielded a considerable influence in the community of which he was a member. In politics he was a stanch Whig, the principles of the party being firmly maintained during his lifetime. In religion he was a Presbyterian, and a member of the church in the township, to whose erection in 1779 he was a generous contributor.

Mr. Bull was, in 1780, united in marriage to Miss Catherine Miller, who became the mother of thirteen children. Her death took place Oct. 1, 1841, in her seventy-seventh year, her husband, who died Nov. 14, 1849, having survived her. Among their children was Henry, whose birth occurred March 21, 1787, and who was married Jan. 4, 1810, to Miss Jane Stitt, who was born April 6, 1789. Their children were Horace (the subject of this biography), Celia (Mrs. Johanis M. Hunter), John S. (deceased), Elmer W. (deceased), Alpheus, Catherine A., Angeline (Mrs. John A. Stitt, deceased), Esther (Mrs. Charles N. Miller), Mary E. (Mrs. S.C. Duryea), William H. (deceased), Daniel K., Sarah L. (deceased), Albert (deceased), and Charles. Henry Bull followed farming occupations during his life, was a Republican in politics, a supporter of the Presbyterian Church, and filled a position of extended usefulness. His death occurred Dec. 1, 1863, and that of his wife Nov. 1, 1857. Their son Horace was born Oct. 17, 1810, and succeeded, partly by purchase and also by inheritance, to the paternal estate. He has during his lifetime been devoted to agricultural employments. He is a firm Republican in his political belief, and a supporter of the Presbyterian Church of his township. He is in no sense a politician, but devoted to the interests of his estate, which absorbs his time. is a genealogy site compiled of biographies from old county history books, user contributions and other sources. Compilation, design, artwork and concept covered by copyright. Copyright ©2013, All rights reserved. Contact me.  Privacy Policy.