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Ash, Marietta Rickert

MRS. MARYETTA ASH.—The world has in its keeping not a few heroes and heroines who are often obscure and even unknown. It is an act of tardy justice for the local historian to throw a soft light on their good and faithful lives, and none is better deserving of his attention than those brave mothers of the olden times, who have not only brought their hardy sons and daughters into the world, but spent their best strength in the molding of their characters into active forces for the progress of the home communities. Such heroines live not only in themselves but in future generations of mankind and womankind.

Mrs. Maryetta Ash, the venerable widow of Edwin Ash, is one of the noble and Christian mothers of Mercer county, and her husband was for many years one of the most prominent citizens of Greenville. He left school when he had attained the age of seventeen and began farming in Hickory township. After his father's death he and a brother managed the old home estate and in addition owned the "Ash Hotel,'' located just south of Sharon. This was one of the prominent hostelries of the olden times and was the exchange station for all stages, mail coaches and travelers passing that way. After a time, however, Mr. Ash sold his interest in both the hotel and farm, and from that time until his death in 1890 was engaged in the coal business at Greenville. The deceased was a social and popular man and also highly honored for his sterling and substantial character.

In 1853 Maryetta Rickert wedded Edwin Ash. She was born in Lehigh county, Pennsylvania. December 16. 1833, a daughter of Samuel and Eva (Kover) Rickert, her father being engaged for many years as a farmer and wagonmaker. To Mr. and Mrs. Ash were born six sons and two daughters, as follows: Milton E., a drayman in Greenville, Pennsylvania, wedded to Emma Christman: James E., a moulder in Greenville, husband of Mina Aubel: Newton D., who resides with his mother and is a stonemason; Edwin, a postal clerk on the Erie Railroad, wedded Sadie Foulk; May Viola, wife of T. L. Camp, bookkeeper; Ada Jane, who died at the age of sixteen years; William Francis, died when four years old : and Samuel Peter, who died in infancy. Mrs. Ash has eleven grandchildren. She is a devout member of the Reformed church and is very highly esteemed. is a genealogy site compiled of biographies from old county history books, user contributions and other sources. Compilation, design, artwork and concept covered by copyright. Copyright ©2013, All rights reserved. Contact me.  Privacy Policy.