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Smith, Joseph - Prof.

PROF. JOSEPH SMITH, the well-known music master and director of the celebrated Juvenile Band, is the son of Joseph and Cecilia (Hoffman) Smith, and was born at Lehigh Gap, Carbon County, Pa. He was educated in the public schools and at the Keystone State Normal School, at Kutztown. He had intended to take up teaching as a profession, and as a matter of fact he did, but he was destined to become a music master instead of a schoolmaster. In this he followed the natural bent of his mind, for he is a born musician and gifted director. When but seven years old he already performed well on the violin, and in quick succession learned to play on every familiar musical instrument. His cornet playing especially attracted attention, and in 1873 he was induced to come to Allentown and join the City Cornet Band. At the same time he secured a position in the Allentown Rolling Mills, where he was employed for nine years. From 1886 to 1891 ho was proprietor of Smith's Hotel, 430 Gordon Street. But he was essentially a player and a teacher of music, and as such, he has continued to exercise a marked influence over the entire community. For many years he has been not only a very capable teacher of individual pupils, but has also successfully organized and instructed many musical organizations, of which the Juvenile and Ladies' Bands are now the most famous. Beginning in 1874, he organized and directed, among others, the following bands: Allen Athletics, Centennial, America Hose, Mountainville, Aineyville, National, Germania, Citizens, West End, Century, Juvenile, Moose, Ladies', Judean. Besides being an accomplished musician himself and an able and efficient instructor, who is beloved by all his pupils, Mr. Smith is highly esteemed as an exemplary citizen by the whole community. He married Barbara, daughter of Carl and Margaret Bernhard.

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