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Adams, Harry Snyder

Harvey Snyder Adams is a representative citizen of Butler, where he is connected with the Butler Savings and Trust Company as trust officer. He was born at Reading, Pennsylvania, July 6, 1886, and is the son of Albert H. and Deborah (Snyder) Adams.
Albert H. Adams, deceased, was a prominent citizen of Reading, where he founded the St. Lawrence Dairy Company. He was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and spent practically his entire life at Reading. He died in 1918 and his widow resides in Reading. Mr. and Mrs. Adams had the following children: Katie, married William Leinbach, lives at Reading ; Warren S., married Eva Brumbach, lives at Reading; Harvey Snyder, the subject of this sketch; Charles S., married Annie Brumbach, lives at Reading; Daniel S., married Carrie Vogt, lives at Reading; Ralph S., married Louisa Kriebel, lives at Landsdale, Pennsylvania; Israel S., married Freida Kriebel, lives at Pennsburg, Pennsylvania; Albert S., lives in Reading; Hannah S., lives in Reading; John Quincy, lives in Reading; and Esther S., married Ralph Happel, lives in Reading.
Harvey Snyder Adams received his early education in the public schools of Reading and graduated at Perkiomen school at Pennsburg, Pennsylvania. He was graduated from Pennsylvania State College in 1912 with the degree of B. S., and from Cornell University in 1922 with the degree of M. S. After completing his work at Pennsylvania State College, Mr. Adams took agricultural work as agricultural agent in Butler County, having also completed work in agriculture and botany at Westchester State Normal School. He served as agricultural agent of Butler County for six years and was then made assistant state leader in extension work at Pennsylvania State College, where he remained until his entrance into Cornell University. He was connected with the department of agriculture at Harrisburg in the statistical department for one year, and then went with the Pennsylvania-Maryland Joint Stock Land Bank as secretary and treasurer. Mr. Adams accepted his present position as trust officer of the Butler Savings and Trust Company in 1924 and has since resided in Butler, where he has a wide acquaintance and many friends.
On September 15, 1916, Mr. Adams was united in marriage with Miss Elizabeth Barcalow, of Butler, who was a teacher in the city public schools before her marriage. They have a son, Harvey, born September 23, 1918.
Mr. Adams has always been a Democrat. He holds membership in the Methodist church, Knights of Pythias, D. 0. K. of K. No. 215, Butler, P. 0. S. of A. No. 230, Reading, Pennsylvania, and belongs to the Sterling Club, Alpha Gamma Rho and Phi Kappa Phi fraternities.

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