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Stronach, Harvey Neil | OldBios.com

Stronach, Harvey Neil

The position of secretary of the Cheney Normal school calls for sound judgment and good business capacity as well as knowledge of human nature and practical experience in the world. These qualities are possessed by Harvey Neil Stronach, hence his marked success in connection with the school. He is a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, born December 29, 1879, being a son of William P. and Jessie (Ray) Stronach both of whom are deceased. The family originated in Scotland and ancestors of the subject of this review were early settlers of Nova Scotia. The grandfather and one other person received as a reward for services five hundred acres of land apiece near Margaretsville, Annapolis county, Nova Scotia. The mountains of that region still bear the name of Stronach. The father and great-grandfather were engaged in the general mercantile business and shipbuilding. They became wealthy but loss most of their fortune through the great depression in sailing-ship values.

Mr. Stronach, whose name stands at the head of this review, received his preliminary education in the public schools of Nova Scotia and later became a student of the Middleton high school, from which he was graduated in 1897. He attended the Truro Agricultural College and the National Business College, graduating from the latter in 1904. Believing that conditions were more favorable for an ambitious young man in the United States than in Canada, Mr. Stronach came to Spokane and from 1905 to 1909 filled the position of principal of the Commercial department of the Northwestern Business College of that city. He then went to Lewiston, Idaho, and taught for one year in the high school. At the end of the time named he came to Cheney and has since served as secretary of the normal school, discharging his duties in a manner which has been highly acceptable to the trustees and patrons of the institution. He is also purchasing agent for the school. He is greatly interested in the development of eastern Washington and is owner of a tract of irrigated land near Hayden lake.
Politically Mr. Stronach supports the candidates and principles of the republican party. He is a valued member of the Masonic order and also of the Order of the Eastern Star. While at Spokane he was connected with the Amateur Athletic Club and the Business Men's Club of the Young Men's Christian Association. Being a man of unusual energy and great perseverance in anything he undertakes, he has won his way to the front in the state of his adoption and is known as one of the wide-awake and responsible citizens of Cheney. That the circle of his influence will be greatly enlarged in years to come is the confident prophecy of his friends.

History of the City of Spokane and Spokane County Washington 1912